ESSER III Use of Funds

ESSER III Use of Funds

Dundy County Stratton Public School Intends to use the ESSER III funds for a variety of uses as described below to assist in mitigation of COVID 19 and the effects on learning from school closures and illnesses.

  1. Pay for single audit costs – necessary when a grant dollar threshold has been surpassed.

  2. One to one devices to expand the access for students.

  3. Clear Touch Flat Panel devices to allow teachers to demonstrate in real time and allow students to receive excellent multisensory content.

  4. Web Filter to provide safe internet usage.

  5. Purchasing curriculum tools – Math, Social Studies / Civics, and Science tools are projected for purchase.

  6. Furniture for library and classrooms, and hands-free bathroom fixtures.

  7. A new bus, SUV, and car / crossover to allow for safe transport of students and teachers.

  8. A part time janitor to assist with the increased demand for sanitation.

  9. Safety and security updates including door locks, window blinds, and devices for communication.

  10. Replacement of dated HVAC units at the high school to allow for better ventilation and windows and doors that were also dated

  11. A plasma cutter to aid in the education and opportunities for students whose education in hands-on experiential learning was disrupted during COVID-19.

These items were carefully chosen to provide extended usage and reduce overall maintenance costs for the district in the long term.