Employee Directory

Benkelman Elementary - 308.423.2216
Stratton Elementary - 308.276.2281
Jr.-Sr. High School - 308.423.2738

Administration and Office Staff
  Name  (& Link to Web Page) Position E-mail Address Phone
Superintendent Jim Kent Mr. Jim Kent Superintendent jim@dcstigers.org 308.423.2738
Elementary Principal Mike Rotherham Mr. Michael Rotherham Elementary Principal mrotherham@dcstigers.org 308.423.2216
Principal Adam Fette Mr. Adam Fette Jr.-Sr. High School Principal & AD afette@dcstigers.org 308.423.2738
Stacey Waters Ms. Stacey Waters Business Manager swaters@dcstigers.org 308.423.2738
Crissy Latta Mrs. Crissy Latta District & AD Secretary/Purchasing Agent clatta@dcstigers.org 308.423.2738
Jody Crouse Mrs. Jody Crouse High School Secretary jcrouse@dcstigers.org 308.423.2738
Mrs. Vicky Hanes  Mrs. Vicky Hanes Benkelman Elementary Secretary vhanes@dcstigers.org 308.423.2216
Mrs. Melissa Sydow Mrs. Melissa Sydow Stratton Elementary Secretary msydow@dcstigers.org 308.276.2281
Teaching Staff
Name Building Position E-mail Address
Mrs. Allie Behlke Mrs. Allie Behlke Benkelman Elementary 3rd Grade abehlke@dcstigers.org
Mr. Nathan Behlke Mr. Nathan Behlke High School Vocational Agriculture, Library/Media nbehlke@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Karla Brown Mrs. Karla Brown High School Mathematics kabrown@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Sherriea Burke Mrs. Sharriea Burke Benkelman Elementary Preschool/Special Education sburke@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Julie Burrell Mrs. Julie Burrell Benkelman Elementary 1st Grade jburrell@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Lacy Caddick Mrs. Lacy Caddick Stratton Elementary Special Education / Title I lcaddick@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Jeanne Downey Mrs. Jeanne Downey Stratton Elementary 5th & 6th Grades jdowney@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Teri Faimon Mrs. Teri Faimon Stratton Elementary Kindergarten tfaimon@dcstigers.org
Mr. Dan Fox Mr. Dan Fox High School Science dfox@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Lisa Fox Mrs. Lisa Fox High School Computers & Information Technology lfox@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Sherri Freeland Mrs. Sherri Freeland Benkelman Elementary Kindergarten sfreeland@dcstigers.org
Mr. Kris Freeland Mr. Kris Freeland High School / Benkelman Elementary Physical Education / JH Athletics kfreeland@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Brittney Gauthier Mrs. Brittney Gauthier Stratton Elementary 1st & 2nd Grades bgauthier@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Morgan Gockley  Mrs. Morgan Gockley Benkelman Elementary 2nd Grade mgockley@dcstigers.org
Mr. Ben Killingsworth Mr. Ben Killingsworth High School Industrial Technology bkillingsworth@dcstigers.org
Mr. Scott Lambley Mr. Scott Lambley High School Science slambley@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Tracy Lambley Mrs. Tracy Lambley Benkelman Elementary Special Education / Title I tlambley@dcstigers.org
Mr. Gregg Loghry Mr. Gregg Loghry High School / Benkelman & Stratton Elementary Schools Instrumental Music & Vocal Music gloghry@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Anita Marin Mrs. Anita Marin Stratton Elementary 3rd & 4th Grades amarin@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Lesley Marshall Mrs. Lesley Marshall Benkelman Elementary 6th Grade lmarshall@dcstigers.org
Mr. Nathaniel Parker Mr. Nathaniel Parker High School English nparker@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Peggy Parker Mrs. Peggy Parker High School Business Education pparker@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Tracy Peckham Mrs. Tracy Peckham High School English/Speech tpeckham@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Lori Rettele Mrs. Lori Rettele High School English/Home Economics lrettele@dcstigers.org
Mr. Tim Rettele Mr. Tim Rettele High School Special Education trettele@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Sadie Rotherham Mrs. Sadie Rotherham Benkelman Elementary 4th Grade srotherham@dcstigers.org
Mr. Kale Schields Mr. Kale Schields Benkelman Elementary Upper Elementary Math kschields@dcstigers.org
Mr. Michael Spargo Mr. Michael Spargo High School Weights/Physical Education mspargo@dcstigers.org
Mrs. JoLen Stamm Mrs. JoLen Stamm Benkelman Elementary 5th Grade jstamm@dcstigers.org
Mr. Matt Thomas Mr. Matt Thomas High School Physical Education mthomas@dcstigers.org
Mr. Chris Watt Mr. Chris Watt Benkelman Elementary Title I cwatt@dcstigers.org
Mr. Bill Wilson Mr. Bill Wilson High School Social Studies bwilson@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Val Woods Mrs. Val Woods High School Spanish/Psychology vwoods@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Marilyn Zarkowski Mrs. Marilyn Zarkowski High School / Benkelman & Stratton Elementary Schools Art mzarkowski@dcstigers.org
Mr. Rob Zarkowski Mr. Rob Zarkowski High School Social Studies rzarkowski@dcstigers.org
Mr. Ryan Zuhlke Mr. Ryan Zuhlke High School Mathematics rzuhlke@dcstigers.org
District Staff
Name Building Position E-mail Address
Mr. Robert Castillo Mr. Robert Castillo Bus Barn Transportation Supervisor rcastillo@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Susan Dishman Ms. Susan Dishman Benkelman Elementary Kitchen Manager sdishman@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Lisa Fette Mrs. Lisa Fette High School Counselor lfette@dcstigers.org
Mr. Patrick Lorens Mr. Patrick Lorens High School Computer Technician plorens@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Ellen Potthoff Mrs. Ellen Potthoff Benkelman Elementary School Nurse epotthoff@dcstigers.org
Mr. Richard Reichert Mr. Richard Reichert   Maintenance Supervisor rreichert@dcstigers.org
Support Staff
Name Building Position E-mail Address
Mr. Bernard Andrijeski Mr. Bernard Andrijeski Transportation Bus Driver bandrijeski@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Sharon Archer Mrs. Sharon Archer High School Special Ed. Aide sarcher@dcstigers.org
Ms. Stephanie Barnhart Ms. Stephanie Barnhart Benkelman Elementary  Custodian sbarnhart@dcstigers.org
Mrs. June Boyd Mrs. June Boyd Benkelman Elementary Special Ed. Aide jboyd@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Becky Brown Ms. Becky Brown Benkelman Elementary PK Aide bbrown@dcstigers.org
Ms. Tish Burrell Ms. Tish Burrell High School Library Aide / Bus Driver tiburrell@dcstigers.org
Mr. Jerrlyn Cole Ms. Jerrlyn Cole Benkelman Elementary Library Aide jcole@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Sandra Cortez Mrs. Sandra Cortez Benkelman Elementary Custodian scortez@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Courtney Gritzuk Mrs. Courtney Gritzuk Benkelman Elementary Sp. Ed. Aide/Behavioral Interventionist cgritzuk@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Amanda Haskell Mrs. Amanda Haskell Benkelman Elementary Teachers Aide ahaskell@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Bev Henderson Mrs. Bev Henderson Stratton Elementary Aide bhenderson@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Tami Jesch Mrs. Tami Jesch Transportation Bus Driver tjesch@dcstigers.org
Ms. Sherrie Johnson Ms. Sherrie Johnson High School Special Ed. Aide sjohnson@dcstigers.org
Mr. Tom Jones Mr. Tom Jones Transportation Bus Driver tjones@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Barb Kent Mrs. Barb Kent Benkelman Elementary 1st & 2nd Grade Aide bkent@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Judy Lutz Mrs. Judy Lutz Transportation Bus Driver jlutz@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Peggy Morris Mrs. Peggy Morris Benkelman Elementary Kindergarten Aide pmorris@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Monica Medrano Varela Mrs. Monica Medrano Varela High School Custodian  
Mrs. Michelle Myers Mrs. Michelle Myers High School Custodian  
Mrs. Sue Nelms Mrs. Sue Nelms High School Special Ed. Aide snelms@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Justine Richardson Mrs. Justine Richardson Transportation Bus Driver jrichardson@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Edna Rotherham Mrs. Edna Rotherham Benkelman & Stratton Elementary Schools / High School ESL erotherham@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Davina Sandford Mrs. Davina Sanford Transportation Bus Driver dsanford@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Julie Shillington Mrs. Julie Shillington Benkelman Elementary Aide jshillington@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Leah Swenson Mrs. Leah Swenson Transportation Bus Driver lswenson@dcstigers.org
Ms. Lorena Valencia Ms. Lorena Valencia Stratton Elementary Custodian  
Mr. Darwin Warning Mr. Darwin Warning Benkelman Elementary Maintenance dwarning@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Colleen Wilson Mrs. Colleen Wilson Transportation Bus Driver cwilson@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Peri Wissink Mrs. Peri Wissink Stratton Elementary Cook / Custodian pwissink@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Amanda Zweygardt Ms. Amanda Zweygardt Benkelman Elementary Teachers Aide azweygardt@dcstigers.org